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Road Skinsuit Clima

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The Road Skinsuit Clima has been developed using materials that offer a precisely graduated level of compression to stimulate blood flow without feeling overly tight or constrictive. Every panel, every material choice has been positioned and employed to make sure the skinsuit works with your body to help keep it fresh even after long hard efforts and cool in the hottest, sunniest conditions. The super light stretchy material on the front panels of the torso have been woven using special yarns developed to help dissipate heat buildup, while the front zip allows for further ventilation. Real silver thread has been introduced into the weft of the fabric and also offers not only antibacterial and conductivity advantages but the thread also protects against electro-magnetic smog, reducing muscle fatigue. The back of the torso makes intelligent use of our GYT (Graphene Yarn Technology) to reduce the body temperature. By integrating the graphene thread directly into the fabric, the conductive and heat dissipation properties provide cutting edge thermoregulation, helping you stay cool and dry during hard efforts. Our special invisible rear pocket system makes it easier to use this skinsuit as a regular training option by allowing you to carry essentials without compromising the aero qualities. And the raw cut cuffs have a clever surface finish that grips without the use of silicon. For the saddle and the chamois interface, we are using a new proprietary pattern to improve the saddle/chamois intersection. Our innovative pattern eliminates the central seam which typically causes pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. We’ve made it by using a Dyneema® panel that improves durability and thermoregulation thanks to the conductive properties of the polyethylene fibers. The new pattern replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a molded fabric that adapts naturally to the different typology of saddles. To increase comfort in the pelvic zone, an anti-stress cut allows more freedom of movement and no pressure points. The chamois uses a new three-dimensional SuperMoulded-Anatomic construction that better follows the anatomy of the human body and offers augmented comfort during the ride. The foam padding has been calibrated according to the scheme of variable densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones resulting in an extremely sophisticated tuning of its overall comfort. The chamois uses a unique molding technique that produces smooth variations in the thickness of the padding, markedly improving the contact with the rider’s skin.

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