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The Brand

  Q36.5 was launched in the summer of 2013 by Luigi Bergamo, who has more than 20 years of experience working at the highest level of the sector, to express a very personal vision of the cutting edge of pure performance cycling clothing. Q36.5 is less a brand and more a vehicle for continuous unrestrained experimentation and innovation. Each piece of clothing in Q36.5's Essential Collection is an uncompromising piece of technical equipment for purist riders who can appreciate the difference.
  The majority of the fabrics used in the Essential Collection have been developed by the Q36.5 studio along with exceptional Italian textile manufactures for exclusive use in our collections. These proprietary fabrics have been developed to best support the athlete in high intensity activity, their uniqueness can be noted from the very moment in which they are felt (and even more so when first worn on a ride). They offer a vision of what the future of professional cycling clothing will feel like.
  The patterns employed in the Essential Collection have all been conceived to exploit the Ergogenic qualities of our proprietary fabrics as well as minimizing the use of panels in order to maximize efficiency and aerodynamics (all our jerseys jackets, bibs, shorts and tights, have no frontal facing seams). This synergy finds its purest expression in the Vectorial Elasticity of our Salopette L1 Essential. Put them on following our instructions, ride them hard and you will discover a new feeling in the history of modern cycling clothing.
  The use of proprietary high-quality fabrics developed specifically for use in cycling clothing combined with the radically essentialist cut (and styling) of the garments, allows Q36.5 to produce some of the lightest cycling clothing in the world. To make only a single example: the Q36.5 jersey and bib shorts combined weigh 110–140 g less than the jersey and bib shorts which won the three Grand Tours of 2013. Our socks weigh half that of those used by most professionals. It must be stressed that this lightweight comes at no expense to durability; the construction method used in our bib short fabric will, for example, last at least 10x longer than its high-end competitors. Low weight is a result of the integrity of the process of design and our desire to build the purest product possible.
  Q stands for Quaerere (Research, in Latin). 36.5° is the Celsius body temperature of a healthy body. The real objective of all technical clothing for every active performance sport, whether it be cycling, running, cross country skiing, climbing, or mountaineering should be to maintain a stable body temperature.
  While others focus on cooling and heating the body they ignore the most important factor, that of maintaining the healthy body temperature in balance from the beginning until the end of sporting activity. At Q36.5 we feel it is most important to maintain the healthy body temperature throughout the ride (or other sporting activity). Thus Q36.5 has obsessively pursued the goal of ensuring that each and every one our products are able to maintain the healthy body temperature which allows for better riding and better rider comfort.