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R. Shell Protection X Jacket Navy

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R.Shell Protection X Jacket Navy.

The new lighter and more breathable R.Shell Protection:

check it out, it´s completely new! This is a rain jacket designed in the spirit of the very first cycling gilets and professional alpine flash rain jackets.

Welcome this true emergency friend designed to do only one thing:

protect you perfectly and accompany you on every single ride thanks to its minimal weight.

The R.Shell Protection is constructed from a completely new proprietary 3-layer fabric, the UF 75ShellTM.

The outer layer is an extremely compact, high density woven Polyamide, while the second layer is an avantgarde hydrophobic Polyamide membrane with very high breathability (RET 4) and a 15.000 mm/l waterproof rating.

Every weak point of the traditional rain jacket´s paneling has been aggressively addressed:

the collar area is hermetically sealed, all seams which compromise waterproofing have been moved to the least exposed areas of the jacket and tapered for a sealed protection, wrist cuffs are elasticated for a snug fit and easy access to jersey pockets is guaranteed by two subtle slits in the back.

We have meticulously thought of every single detail to prevent any water infiltration, the water repellent zipper is covered by waterproof fabric and a reflective waterproof insert on the back keeps the jacket in place.

How to use the shell?.

The R.Shell Protection jacket is versatile, it is designed to protect the high intensity rider from sudden flashes of foul weather with the least amount of weight and volume.

Weighing in at only a little more than a summer jersey, it´s so light and compact you don´t even notice it in your back pocket.

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