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Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve Seta Green

The ultimate achievement in terms of thermoregulation.

Aiming to find the perfect balance of body temperature, our researchers and designers developed an exclusive proprietary fabric with a high silk content – a magical, natural fiber that gives extra performance boost to this summer jersey.  This is a new tactile sensation: it’s “crunchy” to the touch.

Silk is commonly used in luxury garments and the lightweight , natural fiber has good low heat conductivity properties that result in excellent performances, moisture management and lightness during high intensity activities: combined this results in better thermoregulation.

In addition to the natural properties of silk, we have introduced into the weft of the fabric real, pure silver thread thus replicating the pinstripe effect that was first introduced in the Salopette Dottore L1 and has since become a true signature of the brand thanks to its avant-garde properties.  It boasts not only antibacterial and anti-odour protection but also increases thermoregulation and creates an anti-static barrier against electromagnetic fields.

  • The result of UF Seta is a fabric with high thermoregulation properties perfect for humid and hot conditions but is versatile enough to also perform well in somewhat cooler temperatures. The woven structure of the material has a high UV protection of +50SPF.
  • The jersey is super light, weighing in at a mere 100g.
  • The most sensitive of riders will notice that the fabric doesn’t give the sensation of being wet on the skin even when it has reached the maximum level of saturation.
  • We have introduced a new cut and construction which we call  “Monocoque”, it reflects that of the G1: There is a single piece of material for  each the front, the back and the shoulders. On the invisible pocket system we have added a reflective panel allowing for more visibility on the roads.
  • 3mm cam lock reflex zips throughout.
  • Tested and approved in the Dolomites.

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