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Termico Overshoes

$71.50 $130.00
The Termico Overshoe exploits Q36.5’s intense fabric research by employing the two most important proprietary fabrics of the winter collection to produce a full winter thermal overshoe with excellent water-resistance and fast drying times.

The front panel of the overshoe, where maximum protection from the elements is required, is constructed from UF Thermal Shell, Q36.5’s laminated windproof and water-resistant fabric, while the top and rear panels employ the UF Hybrid Shell, an extremely fast drying water and wind resistant fabric.

The zip is positioned obliquely across the rear part of the overshoe in order to spread the load of its tension and minimizing pressure against the rider’s calf. Similarly overlock seams are used throughout to avoid any irritation.
The result is 90g (per pair) of efficiency.

- 45% Polyester.
- 19% Polyamide.
- 13% Elastane.
- 23% Polyurethane.

- 90 g per pair.

- Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C.

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