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Unite with Ukraine x Alpha Velo R2 Jersey

Unite with Ukraine x Alpha Velo R2 Jersey


Unite with Ukraine Jersey

Playing homage to traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts - they are still worn to display Ukrainian pride and cultural roots during holidays, family gatherings, weddings, and festive gatherings. These traditional patterns display a rich history of Ukraine. Profits of each of these jersey sales will be donated to Unite with Ukraine to assist the difficult and dark times that Ukraine is currently facing with on a daily basis.

This is a pre-sale event. Jersey price is inclusive of shipping, with an estimated delivery timeline of late fall. Order window to stay open for 3 weeks.

About the R2 Jersey

We have designed a new raglan jersey, updating the raglan cut long used in traditional cycling jerseys.

After careful studies both in the areas of body mapping and aerodynamics, our new raglan is designed using a combination of different fabrics strategically placed resulting in a new look and offering all the benefits of our detailed research.

The sleeves are made with a lightly ribbed fabric while the front panel is a micro perforated fabric and there is a honeycomb mesh on the back. All together, this innovative combination makes the Jersey R2 very light (110gr) and very breathable.

Historical note: the raglan sleeve construction first appeared on the cycling scene in 1986 when the Dutch team PDM introduced this new cut for brand visibility reasons; the large PDM logo was extremely visible on the wider sleeve. This was the start of the popularity of this style of jersey.