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Termica Skinsuit

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Termic-Skinsuit, Thermal Cycling Skinsuit

In the winters of the early 1980s, on certain smoothly asphalted roads of northern Italy, one began to catch glimpses of what at first glance appeared to be fluidly pedaling martians.

On closer examination these fluidly pedaling martians proved to not actually be martians but connoisseurs, pros and other riders in the know. More specifically: they were riders wearing thermo-combi body suits made by the Descente brand. These thermo-combi were amongst the very first pieces of cycling clothing to be made from the lightweight synthetic performance fabrics (themselves first developed for use in competition downhill skiing), which heralded the beginning of modern cycling clothing era and are the original moment of inspiration for the entire Q36.5 project.

Q36.5 TERMIC skinsuit is a form of cutting-edge homage to this historical moment and attitude, a modern conception of Equipment for specific training. During the years winter training has undertook a deep direction in high intensity fast rides shifting the demands of cyclist. The Termic Skinsuit is a lightweight piece of Equipment, with a reducted low volume and freedom of movement, thanks to a Fully Pre-Shape cut that is completely ergonomic, guiding an economical pedaling action. The exploitation of proprietary fabrics and calibrated Body Mapping creates an unique hermetic suit which exalts its function. The deep reason to produce an unique piece of winter Equipment is to reach more functionality, due to the ergonomic cut, and reduction of heat loss, thanks to the combination of Jacket and Long Salopette.

It’s constructed entirely from its proprietary Hybrid Air Protection fabric, an innovative completely new two layers fabric, which incorporate a ribbed fleece and high-density polyamide woven fabric for the outer part with a specific water resistance treatment (the UF Hybrid Shell) and for the inner part we introduce our new UF Air Insulation, a lofted knitted jacquard brushed with incredible moisture vapor management and thermal capabilities. The result is a high thermal protection in low volume, which can adapt to the different demands of high intensity winter training.


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