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Salopette Vented

While the Salopette L1 is your 160 g teacher, increasing proprioceptivity, bringing you to a greater self-awareness of your limbs, reducing muscle vibrations and elastically guiding your pedalling motion, the Salopette Vented is the 138 g Q36.5 bib short for the other days… the days on which you want to unleash your carefully trained explosiveness. The production of new tactile sensations is at the heart of the Q36.5 project and the Vented is the result of Q36.5 experiments with producing the lightest, most unrestrained, most ‘barely-there’ and free-feeling bib short possible without making concessions to comfort, safety (particularly UV) and support.

The Vented shares its DNA with the L1 but introduces an additional 2 panels, a new set of ultralight fabrics and a new chamois construction. Most immediately noticeable when riding is the strategically minimized chamois which employs the SUPER MOULDED chamois (identical dimensions and calibration of densities as that found on the L1) stripped of its additional padded covering and replaced by a thin anti-friction interface, producing a less substantial, more essentialist pad which nevertheless supports you in all the vital places.

The new side panels of the Vented are constructed not from mesh (a reckless choice of material made by many to shave grams at the significant expense of UV-protection) but a proprietary ultralight vented ‘post-mesh’ mesh. Instead of alternating between open and closed surfaces, as mesh does, the Vented fabric is high density woven into a 3D dimpled pattern with variable thicknesses. Not only does this guarantee 50+SBF UF protection but the micro-turbulence created by the dimpled surface has a ‘radiator’ effect allowing for the most effective dispersal of heat from your legs. The Vented fabric is a true performance interpretation of ‘simple’ mesh, made possible by Q36.5’s expertise in high density weaving techniques (research into which have already formed the backbone of the innovations of our 4-season gilet and Hybrid ‘Que’ longsleeve jersey). The tubular braces on other hand do employ a fine mesh fabric, while the Lumbar support panel (weft modulus force 620) and silicone-free leg closure remain identical to those of the L1. The fabric used for the remaining panels is a marginally less dense version of the L1’s proprietary fabric. The result is another extreme vision of the future of cycling clothing.

Please note that Q36.5 prefers to recommend different bib short models according to a rider’s preferred ‘feeling’ and riding style rather than for specific types of rides. We recommend the Vented to riders who prefer an explosive style of riding, with regular changes in rhythm (compared to efficient, metronomic style which the L1 privileges). The fabrics used in the Vented (particularly the dimpled panel material), in addition to the absence of a foam cover in the chamois area, mean that the Vented can also be considered particularly suitable when the temperature rises above 30 °C