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Jersey short sleeve R1 Flowerpower

  • The jersey short sleeve R1 revisits the traditional Raglan jersey construction, updating it with our advanced sartorial engineering and an ergonomic fit, minimal look of the jersey present our proprietary invisibile pocket system. It fits more “comfy” than the L1 jersey (democratic fit). 
    The R1 jersey is constructed with two fabrics for the different part of the body: 
    - the mono-piece of raglan shoulder is made whit a micro 
    perforated 110gr polyester fabric 
    - front and back is made with a double face micro-polyester 
    that can combine the push-pull effect with a super fast 
    drying speed. 
    On the back pockets we introduced the reflective YYY system, is a new feature that encreas the passive security in dark situations.
    High UV protection +50SPF. 
    3mm camlock reflex zips throughout.

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