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Dottore Skinsuit

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Dottore Skinsuit

The Dottore skinsuit is Q36.5’s most versatile skinsuit, designed for everyday use (note, for example, the way in which the front side of the jersey panel is left unattached to the bibs, facilitating quick nature breaks, as well as the three back pockets), in the full array of high-intensity riding conditions loved by Q36.5 riders.

Essentially, it is a combination of Q36.5’s latest generation essential ergogenic bibshorts, il Dottore, with its intensely versatile L1 Jersey, trimming and compacting this outfit combination into a single 229g (the same weight as a pair of high end bib shorts of most other brands) extreme vision.

To better understand the feel and performance of this piece of equipment please refer to the individual descriptions of il Dottore and the L1 Jersey.

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