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Base Layer Teddy Berry Intimo


Long Sleeve Underwear Teddy Berry, Thermal Cycling Base Layer

Teddy Berry base layer is our answer for extra warm request in cold condition.

Result of a development in cooperation with company UVU (specialist in UltraRunning) and tested in Artic condition during a Ultra-running marathon, It is a new concept of performing Base Layer extra thermal capabilities and a 3D structure, not the typical or traditional sport underwear. Following the principle of RSR (Regional Sweat Rating) for a body mapping calibrated to the needs of athletes, the Teddy Berry is constructed with a double frontal layer, for a better thermal protection during the activity.

We developed an extraordinary proprietary Smart Fabric, based on Polypropylene next to the skin with an effect of sponge ‘frottè’ construction (not brushed), works actively, creating a microclimate close to the skin to remove the sweat from the skin and let the body dry. For the second layer on the front area chest – we introduce our proprietary fabric UF Air-Insulation to increase the thermal insulation. The innovative Smart Fabric has an unique first layer that insulates and maintains a dry microclimate close to the body, with a very good moisture management thanks to the push-pull construction made by a blend of Polyprolylene Polyester due to the hydrophobic/hydropillic characteristic of the thread, which let high breathability with a reducted water load.

The Intimo Plus has an ergonomic cut of pattern with a minimum use of seams.

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